Improving the health of mothers, newborns and children worldwide.

USAID’s flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program


Kenneth and his daughter, Irene, at Itojo Hospital, where all his children were immunized.

“Gone are the days when all family health affairs were left to women alone”: A Ugandan father speaks

This Father’s Day, we honor the crucial role fathers play in improving the health of their families. Read More »
Group of happy children giving the thumbs up signal.

June 1st: Building Political Will for Gender Equity to Achieve MNC Survival Goals

Join MCSP, partners and US Senator Susan Collins for the last event in a three-part Hill series on advancing maternal, newborn and child survival. Read More »
Mothers waiting for postnatal care at a clinic in Madagascar

Spotlight on Madagascar: Growing the Postpartum Family Planning Movement

One year after this island nation developed postpartum family planning action plans, MCSP gauges the country's progress. Read More »

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