Health worker immunizing a baby during an outreach program in East Pokot, Kenya

Looking to invest in health? Here’s how to get the biggest bang for your buck

Every dollar spent on vaccines brings a 16-fold return on investment — and up to $44 for every dollar if broader benefits are taken into account. Read More »
Midwife washing her hands before examining a patient

A Healthy Competition: Achieving “Clean Clinic Status” in Haiti

Of all the public health problems we face, why focus on clean clinics? The answers are simple. Read More »
Woman and newborn resting at Marere hospital in Nampula, Mozambique.

Men in Mozambique Step Up to Help their Spouses Prepare for Birth

Like most men in Mozambique, Virgilio Ajuda didn’t think it was his place to escort his pregnant wife to the health clinic. “I always thought it was only for women,” said the 41-year-old father. Read More »
Chinyere Francis and her husband and newborn sitting in chairs

In Nigeria, More Women are Choosing a Modern Method to Safely Plan their Families

Women receiving counseling on healthy spacing of pregnancies and family planning services are helping to end unintended pregnancies in this West African country. Read More »
Man entering health facility data into a mobile phone

Better-Designed Health Information Systems Make for Better Health Outcomes

An MCSP co-authored blog stresses the strong link between well-functioning health information systems and improving health outcomes. Read More »
Photo: Sheena Currie/Jhpiego

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