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Qualitative Assessment of Family Planning and Immunization Service Integration in Malawi: Dowa and Ntchisi Districts

In Malawi, at the policy level, maternal and child health services are integrated as part of the Essential Health Package; however, in practice, this integration has not been fully realized. Family planning (FP) and immunization services have been provided largely in parallel, according to different schedules and by different providers. To optimize health contacts and […]

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Therapeutic Early Stimulation Toolkit: Helping Young Children with Disabilities Meet Their Potential

The goal of this toolkit is to provide structured and effective training for community health workers, early intervention therapists, midwives, clinical officers, and other service providers who will be implementing the Therapeutic Early Stimulation (TES) Package as well as coaching parents in their catchment areas. The TES Toolkit includes several resources to support participant learning […]

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Health Systems Strengthening in MCSP Country Programs: A Review of MCSP’s Work to Strengthen Health Systems for Improved RMNCH

MCSP incorporates health systems strengthening (HSS) approaches to support programming along nine technical areas—family planning, maternal health, newborn health, child health, immunization, nutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). While MCSP incorporates HSS approaches across its country programs, MCSP’s midterm evaluation found that HSS activities at country level were not well documented. To […]

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Survive & Thrive: Guiding the Way Forward

The majority of maternal, newborn and child deaths are preventable and treatable with existing, cost-effective tools and interventions. Practices in health facilities are often far behind evidence-based Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) standards. There is a critical need to improve the quality of services in order to reduce preventable deaths, especially as the rate […]

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