Monitoring coverage of fully immunized children

This MCSP co-authored article in the journal Vaccine highlights a mini-survey conducted to assess the status of monitoring coverage of fully immunized children (FIC) in Eastern and Southern African countries. The authors designed and distributed a structured self-administered questionnaire to all 19 national program managers attending a meeting in March 2014 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Responses […]

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Engaging Communities With a Simple Tool to Help Increase Immunization Coverage

This MCSP co-authored article in the journal Global Health: Science and Practice highlights the use of a simple, publicly placed tool to monitor vaccination coverage in a community. The “My Village Is My Home” tool proved to broaden program coverage by keeping both the community and the health system informed about every infant’s vaccination status. […]

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USAID Features MCSP blog – “You Can’t Save Lives if you Don’t Fight Pneumonia”

Since passing the 500 day countdown in August, the global public health community has talked a lot about what it will take to meet the ambitious Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). And one thing is clear: achieving MDG 4 – to reduce child mortality by two-thirds by 2015 – will not be realized without better addressing pneumonia, the leading killer in children under 5. […]

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