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Maternal and Child Survival Program Engagement in the 2016 Gavi Joint Appraisal: A Summary of Country Experiences

The Gavi Alliance (Gavi) joint appraisal (JA) is an annual, in-country multi-stakeholder review of the implementation progress and performance of Gavi’s support for new and under-used vaccines and health system strengthening support, and of its contribution to improved immunization outcomes. Before the introduction of this process in 2015, in order for countries to renew funding […]

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Immunization review meetings: “Low Hanging Fruit” for capacity building and data quality improvement?

Although systematic program review meetings are common practice in many health and immunization programs, there is little documentation on their implementation and role. Adult education principles espouse opportunities for peer exchange to build capacity and cross-learning, for which review meetings have been a forum utilized in immunization programs for many years. This study describes the […]

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Beyond new vaccine introduction: the uptake of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the African Region

The number of vaccines available to low-income countries has increased dramatically over the last decade. Overall infant immunization coverage in the WHO African region has stagnated in the past few years while countries’ ability to maintain high immunization coverage rates following introduction of new vaccines has been uneven. This case study examines post-introduction coverage among […]

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The Polio Communication Network Contribution to the Polio Outbreak Response in Ethiopia’s Somali Region, 2013–2015

Published in Global Health Communication, this article explores the Polio Communication Network’s (PCN) contribution to the polio outbreak response in the Somali Region of Ethiopia from 2013 to 2015. The PCN strategies and innovations include the establishment of a communication network of experts, development of partnerships with locally trusted and influential groups, and capacity building of local structures. To […]

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Family Planning and Immunization Integration: Formative Report

A formative research study was conducted in Kagera Region, Tanzania, to understand current service delivery practices, perceptions of family planning and immunization services, and barriers and opportunities for service integration to inform the development of an integrated service delivery approach for FP and immunization. […]

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