MCSP Zika Response: Scoping Visit Assessment Tool

From November 2017 through January 2018, the MCSP Zika Response Team conducted scoping visits to five countries in the English-speaking Caribbean to better understand country health systems, identify priority cross-cutting and technical areas, and discuss potential MCSP approaches to strengthen the Zika virus response, in consultation with ministries of health and other stakeholders. The adaptable […]

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Postpartum Hemorrhage Implementation Framework

This updated Postpartum Hemorrhage Implementation Framework is a “living” document to be used by members of the postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) implementation community of practice and other interested program implementers. The framework outlines key elements that PPH program implementers working at scale in low-resource settings should consider. The framework is not intended to be a how-to […]

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MCSP Liberia: Restoration of Health Services Endline Assessment Findings – In Brief

This brief highlights MCSP work in Liberia through the Restoration of Health Services project, which aimed to improve adherence to infection prevention and control practices and restore quality health services in 77 health facilities across Grand Bassa, Lofa and Nimba counties. To download the MCSP Liberia Restoration of Health Services Project Endline Assessment Report, click here. […]

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Maternal Child Survival Program
Maternal and Child Survival Program