Webinar: Nothing gets transformed until your mind is transformed

On April 4th, MCSP hosted the second of a two-part webinar series to share the Program’s global and country-level learning for human capacity development efforts. Entitled “Nothing gets transformed until your mind is transformed,” the webinar focused on transformative approaches to strengthening pre-service education strengthening in Ghana, Kenya and Liberia. Strong pre-service education systems are […]

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Effective Interventions to Strengthen Health Systems after the Epidemic

This brief outlines MCSP’s approach to Ebola virus disease (EVD) prevention, response, and recovery in Guinea, Liberia, and Ghana (Ghana did not have any active cases of EVD but was classified as a high-risk country due to its geographical proximity to the epidemic). MCSP’s interventions were intended to build resilience and self-reliance in each country […]

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Case Study: Experience Applying and Tracking a Quality Improvement Approach for Maternal and Newborn Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Standards-Based Management and Recognition (SBM-R®) approach to quality improvement was applied to maternal and newborn health services in Guinea, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. In every country, the quality of service delivery, as measured by clinical performance standards, improved following the intervention. The performance of evidence-based service delivery practices, as measured through service statistics, also […]

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