SSQH Program Briefs

MCSP’s Services de Santé de Qualité pour Haiti (SSQH) project is working in close conjunction with the Ministry of Health (Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population or MSPP) and all 10 of the country’s health departments (Direction Départementale de la Santé or DDS) with the overarching goal of facilitating a sustainable health […]

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The Maternal and Child Survival Program’s Zika Response Activities

From November 2017 to January 2018, MCSP’s Zika response team conducted rapid scoping visits to meet with ministries of health and regional partners to assess current needs and identify priorities in five countries in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean region in response to the recent Zika outbreak. Visits contributed to context-specific country workplans that focused […]

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MCSP Zika Response Team: Work Plan Activities for Program Years 2–3

MCSP continues to provide leadership in regional and global fora on technical issues related to the Zika response, particularly the care and support of Zika-affected children and their families. The Program collaborates with a range of partners to improve strategies for preventing and responding to the Zika virus. These efforts include providing key technical resources […]

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Maternal Child Survival Program
Maternal and Child Survival Program