“Because my Husband and I Have Never Had a Baby Before…” Results and Lessons from Interventions with First-Time Parents in Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nigeria


This technical brief presents findings and lessons learned from small-scale interventions implemented by MCSP with first-time parents (FTPs) in three diverse settings. This presentation of cross-country learning is intended to help program implementers design effective interventions for FTPs and to inform future research and learning agendas. This document first describes the three intervention approaches and […]

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Gender-Based Violence E-Learning Module in Madagascar

In Madagascar, MCSP adapted and translated an e-learning module for the antenatal care setting, which it originally developed in partnership with Ghana’s Ministry of Health and validated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana for use in the pre-service setting with community nurses and midwives. The learning objectives of the module include: Define gender, […]

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Maternal and Child Survival Program Engagement in the 2018 Gavi Joint Appraisal and Portfolio Planning Processes

MCSP is a key immunization partner in many countries and a member of the Interagency Coordinating Committee and country technical working groups (TWGs). As such, MCSP joins other immunization partners in-country to participate in the joint appraisal (JA) and portfolio planning process reviews. This report provides an overview of MCSP country experiences during the recent […]

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Maternal Child Survival Program
Maternal and Child Survival Program