Monitoring & Evaluation

MCSP helps to develop improved indicators and practical data collection, as well as better processes for measuring, analyzing and visualizing RMNCH intervention coverage. Our work facilitates district- and national-level planning and decision-making by:

  • Using dashboards;
  • Empowering communities to participate in decision-making; and
  • Filling gaps in RMNCH measurement—particularly with respect to collecting ongoing information on quality and equity.

The Program focuses on methodologies that are useful to countries for decision-making at all levels, and links measurements of service expansion with assessments of delivery mechanisms. The need to put useful community systems into place is clear given the absence of functioning community health information systems and/or fully fleshed-out community modules in District Health Information System 2 programs.

MCSP is influencing the design of community information modules, introducing new tools at community and facility levels that generate applicable data, and providing decision support to the health workers who use them. Where key information is weaker at the global level (such as in maternal health), MCSP supports the development and piloting of new metrics. These include convening a work group on the quality of facility-based maternal health care, and developing key maternity outcome indicators, such as intrapartum stillbirth and very early newborn death.

Maternal Child Survival Program
Maternal and Child Survival Program