Essential Newborn Care

Warmth and appropriate hygiene in handling newborns, early and exclusive breastfeeding, umbilical cord care, eye care, Vitamin K administration, and immunization are all key components of essential newborn care.

To reinforce these critical practices and build the confidence of providers, MCSP and partners (including the American Academy of Pediatrics, Laerdal Global Health, and Saving Newborn Lives) are working to introduce Essential Care for Every Baby (ECEB) in partner countries. ECEB is a newborn care module of the Helping Babies Survive series developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, and is designed to augment existing essential newborn care materials. In addition to providing training in the ECEB series, MCSP works with key stakeholders in high burden countries to identify and strategize how ECEB can be effectively integrated into formal newborn care training for providers.

Additionally, the Program continues efforts begun under MCHIP to introduce and strengthen structured postnatal care home visits. This activity builds on evidence that community-based newborn interventions reduce newborn mortality, as well as findings under MCHIP that few countries are implementing that policy at scale despite having an established policy. MCSP uses these findings to inform additional operations research on postnatal care home visits for newborn survival and to adjust implementation strategies at the country level.

Maternal Child Survival Program
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