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Health Systems Strengthening in MCSP Country Programs: A Review of MCSP’s Work to Strengthen Health Systems for Improved RMNCH

Publish Date: August 2018
Author: MCSP

MCSP incorporates health systems strengthening (HSS) approaches to support programming along nine technical areas—family planning, maternal health, newborn health, child health, immunization, nutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

While MCSP incorporates HSS approaches across its country programs, MCSP’s midterm evaluation found that HSS activities at country level were not well documented. To understand the breadth of MCSP’s HSS work within country programs, the Health Systems Strengthening and Equity team conducted a comprehensive review of country program workplans active during the fourth program year (October 2017–September 2018), mapping activities to the HSS strategies identified in the 2017 USAID’s Acting on the Call report.

The review was designed to assess alignment between MCSP’s HSS activities and the AOTC HSS strategies and provide documentation of MCSP’s HSS efforts that contribute to USAID’s maternal and child mortality reduction targets.