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Qualitative Assessment of Family Planning and Immunization Service Integration in Malawi: Dowa and Ntchisi Districts

Publish Date: August 2018
Author: MCSP

In Malawi, at the policy level, maternal and child health services are integrated as part of the Essential Health Package; however, in practice, this integration has not been fully realized. Family planning (FP) and immunization services have been provided largely in parallel, according to different schedules and by different providers. To optimize health contacts and reduce missed opportunities for care, MCSP supported Malawi’s government in testing how to systematically integrate FP and routine infant immunization services in all facilities (43) and associated outreach sites (373) in the Dowa and Ntchisi districts. Formative inquiry informed the implementation approach.
Qualitative data collection took place during September 2017 to assess how integration of FP and immunization services affects service provision, utilization, and perceptions of quality at MCSP sites in the two districts.