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Reaching Every Community Using Quality Improvement (REC-QI): Mapping to support routine immunization microplanning in Uganda

Publish Date: August 2016
Author: MCSP

The success of immunization depends largely on the ability to reach every child with vaccination services. That, in turn, requires that health facilities have current information on where even the most remote and underserved communities live so that plans to reach them can be prepared. This document describes a process developed by MCSP/Uganda for accurately mapping facility catchment populations for routine immunization. Unlike the usual approaches to such mapping, it involves both health and civil sectors, includes substantial community engagement at multiple points in the process, and takes into account the true level of resources that health facilities have available to them to provide routine immunization services, particularly for outreach. While the process and the maps that result from have direct benefits for immunization, they are also useful for planning for other health services.