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Review of Policies and Guidelines Related to the Nutrition of Ill and Undernourished Children at the Primary Health Care Level

Publish Date: October 2018
Author: MCSP

MCSP commissioned the current review based on the premise that the lack of adequate attention of nutrition at the sick-child encounter is at least partly due to continued fragmentation of global and national policies and guidance (guidelines, training, and counseling packages on nutrition practice for ill or vulnerable newborns, infants, and children). As such, the goal of this effort is to review relevant policies and guidelines in order to assess the availability and consistency of nutrition guidance at the encounter between a service provider and a sick or at-risk/vulnerable child, and to identify ways this could be improved.

This review recognizes the complex, multifactorial nature of the persistent gap of adequate attention to nutrition in the health care setting, from the national/policy level to the individual/provider level. Even when policies are in place, there can be barriers to their implementation.