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Small Nations, Large Impact: The Caribbean Regional Midwives Association

Publish Date: December 2015
Author: Debrah Lewis, Marcia Rollock, Margaret Marshall, Catherine Carr, Judith Fullerton

This MCSP co-authored article, published in the International Journal of Childbirth, presents an overview of the emergence of professional midwifery in the Caribbean region, beginning with colonial tradition, and linkages with nursing education and practice. Recent actions taken to strengthen the voice of midwifery as an autonomous profession are then described, including the vision for development of a Caribbean Regional Midwives Association (CRMA), which anticipates recognition as a new member status by the International Confederation of Midwives. CRMA members are engaged in efforts to build individual practitioner capacity in clinical practice and education, through shared activities and resources. CRMA members are also working toward regionalization of a midwifery core curriculum and common standards for regulation.
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