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Strengthening Health Provider Performance for Maternal Newborn Care in Lao PDR Through a Mentoring Approach

Publish Date: September 2018
Author: MCSP

The mentorship approach was developed to facilitate the transfer of skills and further improve the quality of care at the time of birth, focusing on mother and newborn. As part of the SCI Primary Health Program, mentoring leverages an integrated health systems strengthening approach. The mentorship and Essential Early Newborn Care (EENC) approaches are similar and complementary with interactive learning and coaching. Mentorship differs, however, in the full integration of maternal and newborn care including Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) and Infection Control (IC). Additionally, mentorship includes the training of district level mentors to mentor their peers and colleagues as part of daily work in district facilities. The aim is to build capacity in the facility in order to contribute to sustainability in the long term.