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The Role of Community Structures in Health Systems in 22 of 25 USAID Priority Maternal and Child Health Countries – A Landscape Analysis of Existing Policies

Publish Date: April 2019
Author: MCSP

MCSP advocates for institutionalizing community health as part of national health systems, strengthening the community health worker workforce, and supporting community infrastructure in partnership with country governments and civil society organizations. MCSP undertook this landscape review to inform the provision of targeted technical assistance to its focal countries in their efforts to reduce child and maternal deaths and improve equitable access to health care.

Specifically, in the existing national policies, plans, strategies, and guidelines of 22 MCSP focus countries. Overall, the landscape analysis aims to:

  • Complement the individual country profiles contained in the Community Health Systems Catalog;
  • Provide a cross-sectional reference point for the status of national policies that govern community-level groups or civil society in community health;
  • Highlight the kind of guidance included in the policies concerning the role of community groups or civil society organizations; and
  • Inform ongoing development of community participatory approaches, policy and strategy design, scaling, and sustainability in the priority countries.